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Local Leaders of Education

LLEs are Headteachers with at least three years' experience and a track record of good / outstanding leadership and management. They work with other schools to develop the leadership capacity of those schools in order to help raise standards. They have a coaching and mentoring role with  Headteachers / senior leaders of schools in challenging circumstances.

Ron Jenkinson - Executive Head Emmanuel Middle School; Headteacher St Michael's Middle School

Ron has been in education since 1991 and has worked at five middle and one primary school in various year groups and leadership roles. Over the last 14 years he has been a headteacher of three different schools; taking one school from satisfactory to good, another from good through to two consecutive outstanding inspections and since September 2013 he has been Headteacher at St Michael’s Middle, Wimborne which is currently ‘good’. In January 2018 Ron took up the post of Executive Head at Emmanuel Middle School alongside his substantive role at St Michael’s.


In 2012, at the request of the Director of the Salisbury Diocese, Ron became a Director of the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust which now consists for 13 sponsored academies. The trust is a collaboration with Cambridge Education Associates with a very strong focus on school improvement.


Ron completed his Masters in Education covering the topics of Learning and Leadership initially through Southampton University and latterly through the OU graduating in 2005. In the Autumn of 2011, he undertook the Local Leader in Education training shortly after also becoming a School Improvement Partner to two underperforming schools in Dorset. Both schools significantly improved their attainment profile in difficult extenuating circumstances.


Between 2009-11 Ron was Director of the Dorchester Area Schools Partnership, an innovative and pioneering partnership of 19 schools in the Dorchester area. This was a part-time role alongside his substantive post helping to provide strategic leadership for the collaboration of the schools involved.


In 2007 Ron was invited, by the then Secretary of State for Education, to join one of the Expert Groups advising the Government in its production of the Children’s Plan in 2008. He was subsequently asked to remain on the group while it reviewed the impact of the plan in the years immediately after its release.


In 2010, Ron’s then school became one of the first middle schools in the country to become a specialist Science and Maths School. More recently it was one of the first schools in Dorset to become a convertor Academy.


Andrew Turrall - Operational Lead WTS; Headteacher, Colehill First School 

Andrew has been in education since 1988 and has taught in five very diverse school settings across Devon, Hampshire, Bournemouth and Dorset. He has experience of first, primary and middle schools, teaching all year groups from year 1 to year 7 inclusive. Between 1996 and 2005, he held two successive deputy headships, the first in a Hampshire primary school and the second in a Bournemouth first school. 


In 2005, Andrew was appointed to the headship at Colehill First School, Wimborne, since when it has twice been rated outstanding by Ofsted. As a school leader, he is experienced in providing school to school support, initially between 2009 and 2014 as a School Improvement Partner, and latterly as a Headteacher contributor to Teaching School support packages, working alongside other system leaders. In January 2018 he gained designation as a Local Leader of Education.


In January 2018 Andrew also took on the role of Operational Lead for Wimborne Teaching School whilst also continuing to lead the School Direct Initial Teacher Training programme alongside his substantive headship role at Colehill First School.


Cindy Pritchard - Headteacher, Allenbourn Middle School


Cindy has been in education since 2001 and has taught in four diverse school settings across Hertfordshire, Hampshire and Dorset. She has experience of middle and secondary schools, teaching all year groups from Year 5 to Year 13 inclusive. Between 2006 and 2010, she held positions as Assistant Head and Deputy Head in a Hertfordshire secondary school, a Hampshire secondary school and a Dorset middle school. Prior to qualifying as a teacher, Cindy worked as a Special Educational Needs Officer in Hertfordshire.


In 2013, Cindy was appointed to the headship of West Moors Middle School and led the school during its journey from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ at Ofsted. In September 2015, she became Headteacher at Allenbourn Middle School. As a school leader, she has provided school to school support and in January 2018 gained designation at a Local Leader of Education.


Jane Phillips - Headteacher, Merley First School


Jane has been in education since 1988 and has taught in seven very diverse schools across Lancashire, Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset. She has had experience of primary, first and combined schools teaching from Reception to Year 7.

Between 2004-2007, she held the role of Deputy Head teacher in a first school in Poole. In 2007 Jane was appointed head teacher to a primary school in Dorset and held the position for seven years. During this time she steered the school from satisfactory to good and achieved an outstanding grade in a SIAMS inspection in 2014. Whilst there she went, for two terms, on secondment to Burton Primary School, which been placed in special measures. During those two terms Jane established clear systems and processes which enabled the new Head teacher to build on and take the school forward.

As a school leader Jane is experienced in providing school to school support. From 2013-17 she was a school improvement partner in Dorset and latterly as a Head teacher contributor to Wimborne Teaching School. In 2014 Jane became a Local Leader of Education.

In 2015 Jane was appointed as Head teacher of Merley First School and has worked with Wimborne Teaching School in developing the role of Specialist Leaders of Education.

Katharine Anstey - Headteacher, St John's First School 


Katharine has been in education since 1996 and has taught in very diverse schools in East London, Crawley, Southampton, Devon and Dorset. She has had experience of primary and first schools teaching from Reception to Year 6.

In 2014 Katharine was initially appointed as Head of School and then in May 2018 appointed as Headteacher of St John’s CE First School.

As a school leader Katharine is experienced in providing school to school support. From 2014-18 she was a SLE in Maths providing school improvement support and in October 2018 gained designation at a Local Leader of Education.

She has worked with Wimborne Teaching School in leading the Maths school improvement work and school to school support, working closely with the Jurassic Maths Hub. In March 2018 Katharine became strategic lead for a cohort 2 SSIF project ‘ Developing pedagogical expertise in KS2 Mathematics’, leading 9 Maths SLE’s in 15 schools across Dorset.