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Developing a Mastery Approach using High Quality Textbooks

Open Mornings

This is an exciting opportunity to visit a Maths - No Problem! accredited school. This approach to developing a mastery approach to mathematics develops pupils' mathematical ability and confidence without having to resort to memorising procedures to pass tests - making mathematics more engaging and interesting.

The facilitators will be: Katharine Anstey, Headteacher, St John’s First School and Maths SLE at Wimborne Teaching School.


There will be an opportunity to visit a Year 1, 2, 3 or 4 class using the Maths- No Problem! material, discuss and understand the approach with a view to developing teaching towards mastery.  There will be an opportunity to discuss the lesson observed with the class teacher and reflect on the core elements with the facilitators.


  • The use of textbook material to support whole class teaching and mastery of mathematics
  • The use of concrete and visual representations
  • The use of variation ensuring children are able to draw out generalisations from examples
  • Pre-lesson design and post lesson evaluation that looks at how particular lessons are developing mastery


  • Evaluate how the textbook material contributes to children’s deeper conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and teaching for mastery.


Wednesday 30th January 2019 and Wednesday 5th June 2019

9.00am - 11.45am

For more information and to book a place, please complete the attached booking form and return to:



Develop a Maths Mastery approach in the classroom with 

Dr Yeap Ban Har 


17th and 18th January 2019

Please see attachment below for more details



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