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Specialist Leaders in Education

Specialist leaders of education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior leaders with a particular area of expertise and the skills to develop the leadership capacity of colleagues in similar positions in other schools.

    Amy Wright - Higher ability students; Post 16 English – curriculum design, teaching and learning; Curriculum enrichment and creative skills in English.

    Amy began her career in Education working in inner city academies in Plymouth and Bristol. During her two years in Bristol she also undertook a Masters in Education, which was then completed following a move to Dorset to teach in a mixed comprehensive upper school. Her masters thesis focused on supporting high ability students within the classroom, and she went on to become the High Performance Coordinator for the school. She has a particular focus on raising aspirations and within-classroom support.

    During her four years in Dorset she has completed the Prince’s Trust Award three times, focusing on enrichment and challenge within the English curriculum. Amy has led staff training for three years, focusing on high ability students within the classroom and building independence in Post 16 students.

    Amy led curriculum design and training for the new A Level curriculums in English, working in partnership with other local schools to develop an innovative and exciting curriculum. She has completed two Leadership training courses on effective middle leadership and school-to-school support, and various training courses within her specialisms.

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    Angela Puddick -  SLE specialism: Early Years and SENCO

    School and Job Role:

    • Reception class teacher and Early Years leader.
    • SENCO
    • Senior Leader

    Areas of expertise:

    Early Years:

    • Objective led planning
    • Early Years Provision – continuous and enhanced
    • Early Years environment
    • Moderation


    • Use of data to assess impact
    • Staff team work to take on changes
    • Provision mapping
    • Outcomes based approach

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Continuous provision in action
    • County moderation of EYFS Profile
    • Using objective led planning
    • SENCO organisation and making data and analysis useful

    Request for School to School Support for Angela Puddick

    Angie Lineton - SLE specialism: Deputy Head Teacher, Literacy Lead, Year 6

    School and Job Role:

    I have been a senior leader or Deputy Head at St. Nicholas and St. Laurence Primary School for many years. In addition, I taught Year 6 pupils for thirty years and lead English for many of those. Any one child has only one opportunity in each year group – it has to be right every year throughout the school. My aim is to give every pupil a chance in life, not just in English and Maths, it’s about them being confident, conscientious and resilient, developing an ‘open mind-set’ that enables them to become great learners.

    Areas of expertise:

    • Deputy Head
    • English
    • Year 6

    Recent examples of work with other schools (bullet points):

    • I lead twilight training to disseminate leadership practice to senior and middle leaders.
    • I lead less formal meetings with middle leaders of other schools on a one to one basis, giving advice and explain our systems.
    • Led Local Authority conference workshops, including Deputy Heads Conference (21/1/16).
    • Led moderation meetings for English and Maths for the Chesil Partnership (15 schools).
    • Working with Mildown Primary, looking at the deputy Head role and English.

    Request for School to School Support for Angie Linton

    Antonia Dufek - Behaviour management; PE curriculum and leadership; Teaching and Learning

    School and Job Role: Allenbourn Middle School – Head of Year and Head of PE

    Areas of expertise:

    ·        -  Behaviour management/discipline

    ·        -  PE Curriculum

    ·         - Teaching and learning

    ·         - PE leadership

    Recent examples of work within own and other schools:

    ·         - Setting up/monitoring behaviour management systems

    ·        -  Classroom management guidance

    ·         - - Working with other PE leads to deliver assessment and moderation

    ·         Development of NQTs within subject area

    Request for School to School Support for Antonia Dufek

    Brian Boyes - Specialism: Science; Maths; Whole school assessment

    School and Job Role: Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne

    • Assistant Headteacher 

    Areas of Expertise

    • Raising standards – Whole school
    • School performance measures
    • RaiseOnline secondary
    • Ofsted
    • Science curriculum
    • Science T&L
    • Raising standards in Science
    • Leadership in Science
    • Whole school assessment policy
    • Maths leadership
    • AfL
    • Assessment CPD
    • Encouraging student dialogue in assessment

    Recent examples of work with other schools

    • Wimborne Multi Academy Trust
    • Leading a team of Senior Leaders to design and implement a replacement for national curriculum levels
    • Bishop of Winchester School
    • INSET delivered to NQTs on assessment.
    • Supporting leadership of Mathematics at a local secondary school
    • Supporting senior team with line management and raising standards in Mathematics at a local secondary school

    Request for School to School Support for Brian Boyes

    Caroline Boyes - SLE Specialism: English, Curriculum Leadership

    School and Job Role:

    St Michael’s CE Primary School, Bournemouth.
    Assistant Head Teacher
    Key Stage 2 Lead
    English Lead

    Areas of expertise:

    • English
    • Curriculum development

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Team leader for Bournemouth and Poole writing moderation team.
    • Host for writing moderation meetings with other Bournemouth and Poole schools.
    • Collaboration with Deputies and Assistant Heads within the Bournemouth Septenary Trust.

    Request for School to School Support for Caroline Boyes

    Charlotte Larrington-Vandy - SLE specialism: Mathematics

    School and Job Role: Lead Practitioner of Mathematics at Queen Elizabeth’s School
    Areas of expertise

    • Raising standards in maths
    • Mixed ability teaching in maths
    • Maths provision for key groups of students
    • Teacher training for maths
    • T&L development for maths
    • Coaching
    • Pedagogy in Maths

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Developed and implementation of RQT progr?amme
    • Wimborne Multi Academy Trust
    • Supporting  improving T&L in maths at a local secondary school
    • Supporting NQT provision at a secondary school

    Request for School to School Support for Charlotte Larrington-Vandy

    Chris Buller - SLE Specialism: Whole School Support/Provision for the Most Able (MAGT), Whole School Raising Standards Provision & Student Progress, KS4/KS5 Assessment Physical Education

    School and Job Role: Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne

    • Current
      • Acting Assistant Headteacher – Raising Standards
      • Head of House
      • Head of A-Level PE
      • Junior Athlete Education Programme Coordinator (JAE)
    • Whole school MAGT Lead Practitioner

    Areas of expertise

    • Whole school support/provision for the most able (MAGT)
    • Supporting Senior Leaders and middle leaders
    • Raising  Standards provision
    • Trainee/NQT/Staff CPD and inset
    • Physical Education – Curriculum and Examination
    • Supporting Heads of Department and Subject/Key Stage Leads/Coordinators
    • Auditing and action planning

    Recent examples of work with other schools

    • Wimborne Teaching School
    • Wimborne feeder/pyramid school
    • Thomas Hardy’s School
    • Purbeck School
    • The Bishop of Winchester School
    • Bournemouth School for Boys
    • The LEAF Academy
    • Wey Valley School
    • Tewksbury School
    • Barton Peverill College

    Request for School to School Support for Chris Buller

    Christopher Daw - SLE specialism: KS1 – KS3 Computing

    School and Job Role: Allenbourn Middle School, Wimborne

    • IT Co-ordinator
    • Yr5 Teacher
    • CAS Master Teacher

    Areas of expertise

    • Managing and delivering the new national curriculum in computing
    • Planning and assessing computing
    • Developing E-safety policy
    • Middle management

    Recent examples of work with other schools

    • CAS and Bath University supporting computing in primary schools across the South West
    • CPD session on using iPads to teach the new Computing curriculum
    • CPD session on meeting the needs of the new Computing curriculum
    • CPD session to support teachers who have little to no experience in delivering Computing
    • Supporting a number of middle schools in Dorset with assessment, planning and resources
    • Giving advice to the use of tablets within schools

    Request for School to School Support for Christopher Daw

    David Graves - Specialism:  Mathematics

    School and Job Role: Merley First School. 

    • Assistant headteacher
    • KS2 leader
    • mathematics subject leader
    • computing subject leader
    • TT mentor
    • year 4 class teacher

    Areas of expertise

    • Lower key stage 2 (year 3 and 4) mathematics
    • Growth mindset in mathematics
    • Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach to mathematics
    • Higher order questioning for mathematics
    • Deeper mastery in mathematics
    • Inspiring and engaging ways to teach mathematics
    • Mentoring

    Recent examples of work with other schools

    • School support focusing on planning and lesson delivery
    • Facilitator for Numicon (SEN focus) development sessions
    • Delivered two multi school INSED days looking at ways to teacher the four operations
    • Mathematics curriculum training delivered to parents and carers
    • Worked with local schools to create a written calculations policy
    • Part of the Wimborne mathematics pyramid

    Request for School to School Support for David Graves

    Edward Bell - SLE specialism:  National Leader of Governance

    School and Job Role: Wimborne Academy Trust : Former Chair of Trustees

    • St Michael’s Middle School- Former Chair of Governors

    Areas of expertise

    • Strategic Leadership
    • Multi-Academy Trust Conversion
    • Headteacher recruitment
    • Headteacher Pay & Performance Reviews
    • Governor Recruitment
    • Governor Training & Development

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Wimborne Academy Trust
    • St Michael’s Middle School
    • Merley First School
    • Witchampton First School 

    Request for School to School Support for Edward Bell

    Jacqui Clark - SLE specialism: Pupil Premium

    School and Job Role:

    • St Nicholas and St Laurence CE Primary School, Weymouth
    • Interventions teacher and Pupil Premium Champion

    Areas of expertise

    • Data tracking and analysis
    • Provision planning and analysis
    • Researching strategies for good practice with PP
    • Liaising with other staff regarding PP children
    • Emotional welfare
    • PP children’s voice
    • Thrive
    • Provision audit
    • Improvement planning / continuous development

    Recent examples of work with other schools

    • PP Hub with two local schools
    • Sharing good practice at twilights
    • Sharing good practice with visiting teachers from other local schools

    Request for School to School Support for Jacqui Clark

    James See - SLE specialism: Leadership of Curriculum (Geography); Quality of Teaching (Teaching and Learning)

    School and Job Role: Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne

    • Head of Geography and (Acting) Lead for Teaching and Learning

    Areas of expertise

    • Teaching and Learning including training for staff and School Direct trainees and leadership of whole school action research groups
    • Developing schemes of work within Geography

    Request for School to School Support for James See

    Jane Harrison - Modern Foreign Languages

    School and Job Role: Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne

    • Head of MFL Faculty

    Areas of expertise

    • Assessment
    • Leadership of curriculum
    • Modern foreign languages (Mfl)
    • Initial teacher training (ITT) and newly qualified teacher (NQT) development

    Request for School to School Support for Jane Harrison

    Jo Hancock - SLE specialism: Early Years Teacher; Literacy; Pupil Premium Reviewer

    School and Job Role: St.John's First School, Wimborne

    • Reception Class Teacher and Lead
    • Literacy Lead

    Areas of expertise:

    • Foundation Stage Pedagogy
    • Literacy
    • Phonics
    • Pupil Premium Reviewer

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Leading a project to develop the skills of Foundation Stage practitioners across 26 pre-schools and schools with a focus on vulnerable groups.
    • Supporting a three form entry school to develop their Foundation Stage Practise moving them from a grading of RI to Outstanding in their most recent inspection.
    • Supporting a Foundation Stage NQT in a one form entry school.
    • Training several schools in delivering systematic synthetic phonics in Reception, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

    Request for School to School Support for Jo Hancock

    Joe Jackson-Taylor - Primary Mathematics with KS2 Specialism

    School & Job Role:

    • Muscliff Primary School
    • Maths Lead
    • Y6 teacher


    Areas of Expertise:

    • Primary Mastery Maths Specialist for the Jurassic Maths Hub & NCETM
    • Bar Modelling & visual representation
    • Maths Policy development
    • Coaching & mentoring
    • Mastery pedagogy
    • Data analysis


    Recent Experience:

    • Leading a team of maths specialists developing guidance for the moderation of textbook materials at Key Stage 1
    • Delivered INSET for local school with Algebra & Multiplicative Reasoning
    • Travelled to Shanghai as part of the UK-China teacher exchange
    • Delivered INSETs for local school on Bar Modelling
    • Developed Bar Modelling Policy in collaboration with professionals
    • Team-teaching

    Request for School to School Support for Joe Jackson-Taylor

    Kate Gunstone - SLE specialism: Leadership and Continuing Professional Development, Leadership of the Curriculum, English and Phonics

    School and Job Role: Twin Sails Infant School and Nursery, Senior Teacher and English Leader

    Areas of expertise:

    • Phonics teaching and learning
    • English teaching and learning across EY and Key Stage One
    • Developing English leadership
    • Developing English policies

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Mentoring and coaching within Bournemouth schools
    • Speaker at the Dorset ‘English Good Practice’ conference
    • EYFS Moderator
    • English Leaders Network for Poole

    Deployment Pro Forma for Kate Gunstone

    Katharine Anstey - SLE Specialism: Maths; RE; Church School Distinctiveness

    School and Job Role: St John’s First School, Wimborne 

    • Head of School

    Areas of expertise

    • Maths - Curriculum
    • Maths - Manipulating resources 
    • RE
    • Church School Distinctiveness

    Recent examples of work with other schools

    • Head of School at St John’s First School
    • Singapore Textbook Project lead for Jurassic Maths Hub using Maths- No Problem!
    • Facilited Numicon in KS2 training with Lesson Study
    • Joint strategic lead for Dorset Maths Matters- supporting pyramids across Dorset to develop subject specific expertise (2014/15)
    • Facilitated the Olevi Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) improving teaching and learning
    • Maths Inset delivered to school group and pyramid group of schools (EYFS- Yr6)
    • Maths curriculum training delivered to Parents and Carers
    • Supported two primary teachers with planning, teaching and assessment over half a term to develop skills and knowledge
    • Lead the Wimborne Maths pyramid
    • Supported a school to prepare for SIAMS inspection (outstanding Grade awarded)
    • NQT induction support across Dorset

    Request for School to School Support for Katharine Anstey

    Kim Ashby - Inclusion, Pupil Premium

    Kim Ashby

    Kim Ashby begun her career working at a public school in Shropshire, becoming at Assistant Head of House with fifty three boarding girls. Two years later she joined a school in special measures as a year Head at a West Midland school in Dudley. Through creative pastoral developments, Kim became a Head of House and the school became part of the NCTL program.

    In recent years, Kim has worked in a rural middle school as a Head of Year and Head of department, before transferring to her current school – Queen Elizabeth School Wimborne, where she is the Head of Inclusion and Senco.

    She has supported local schools with the delivery of Pupil Premium provision and analysing impact of intervention. Future developments and ways of using strategies to promote progress and achievement whilst working within a team environment.


    Areas of Expertise.

    Pupil Premium

    Student focused solutions.

    Data Analysis

    Teaching and learning Strategies

    Pupil premium Strategy Statement

    Inclusion and provision

    Staff Professional Development

    Pastoral Systems and Approaches.

    Request for School to School Support for Kim Ashby

    Louise Jeffs - SLE Specialism: Maths (Primary); Independent Learning (Primary)

    School and Job Role: Henbury View First School, Corfe Mullen

    • Maths Coordinator
    • Computing Coordinator
    • Year 2 teacher, previously Year 4 teacher.
    • Teaching experience across the Primary age range.

    Areas of expertise

    • Developing a Primary Maths Curriculum to match the New Curriculum
    • Developing a Maths Calculations Policy/ Teaching & Assessing Document
    • Assessing Maths without levels to match the New Curriculum
    • Teaching & Learning - Primary Maths in the New Curriculum
    • Developing Maths Leadership in the Primary School
    • Maths Mastery: Using a variety of resources
    • Developing Independent Learners through PDR (Plan, Do, Review) & PBL (Problem Based Learning) – a whole school approach

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Worked as a Maths Lead for Saturn Trust: Raising Standards in the New Maths Curriculum across Key Stage 1 & 2
    • Worked with teachers across Dorset to develop and share maths ideas: Using Numicon in Key Stage 1
    • Worked with Allenbourn Middle School & Sturminster Marshall First School to develop a whole school/cluster approach to Written Calculations
    • Worked with Heads and Teachers in Oxford to develop Independent Learning in their schools
    • Ongoing meetings with local schools for 'Maths Matters' meetings discussing current issues in Maths

    Request for School to School Support for Louise Jeffs

    Matt Golding - SLE Specialism: English

    School and Job Role: Allenbourn Middle School – Assistant Headteacher and Head of English

    Areas of expertise:

    • Curriculum
    • Assessment / Moderation
    • CPD

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Working with Lead Moderator to deliver  assessment / moderation CPD in borough of Bournemouth – 2015/2016
    • Cross-school moderation & assessment CPD events within Bournemouth 2015/2016
    • English & Y6  Lead, St Michael’s Primary School  2014-2016
    • KS2 Moderator, Borough of Bournemouth

    Request for School to School Support for Matt Golding

    Paul Andrews - SLE Specialism: Science

    School and Job Role: Deputy Head Teacher

    Areas of expertise

    • Teaching and learning development
    • Pedagogy in Science
    • Subject leadership
    • Science curriculum development

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Whole school teaching and Learning (Secondary school as Assistant Head Teacher)
    • Whole school CPD co-ordination
    • Subject leader development (Secondary and Primary as LA Adviser)
    • Professional mentor - PGCE / School Direct trainees / NQTs

    Request for School to School Support for Paul Andrews

    Rhianna Elsden - SLE Specialism: Drama; Behaviour Management; Feedback and Marking

    School and Job Role: Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne

    • Head of Performing & Creative Arts faculty

    Areas of expertise

    • Drama
    • Behaviour management
    • Feedback and marking

    Request for School to School Support for Rhianna Elsden

    Richard Wright - KS2 History and PSHE

    Based at Allenbourn Middle School, Wimborne

    Head of Year 5

    Transition coordinator

    Head of KS2 History & PSHE



    Areas of expertise:

    NQT support, mentoring and induction


    Discipline and Behaviour Management

    History KS2


    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    Training for NQTs in locality

    History Curriculum KS2

    Transition work with First Schools

    Request for School to School Support for Richard Wright

    Robert Hardy - SLE Specialism: Mathematics

    School and Job Role: Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne

    • Lead Practitioner for Maths

    Areas of expertise:

    • KS3 and KS4 Maths Development
    • Pedagogy in Maths
    • Developing and Improving teaching and learning in maths.

    Request for School to School Support for Robert Hardy

    Ross Bowell - SLE Specialism: School back office operations and financial management

    School and Job Role: Business Director

    • Wimborne Academy Trust

    Areas of expertise:

    • Academy conversion
    • Financial accounting (Chartered Accountant: ACA 2004, FCA 2014)
    • Management accounting and reporting
    • Risk and assurance management
    • Treasury management (ACT Certificate in Treasury Management - Public Finance, 2011)
    • Procurement
    • Regulatory compliance (Advanced Diploma in School Business Management, 2014)
    • Strategic business planning
    • Facilities and H&S management (Health and Safety for School Business Managers - IOSH Accredited, 2015)
    • Capital bids and project management
    • Governance

    Recent examples of work with other schools:

    • Business and Finance Director, Ringwood School, 2011-2015
    • Financial management support to Bransgore Primary School, 2012-2015
    • Academy conversion and initial financial management support to Milford-on-Sea Primary School, 2013
    • Delivered SBM sessions for QTL NPQML, NPQSL, NPQH courses, 2013-2015
    • Initiated and facilitated SPELL Teaching School Finance and Administration Group meetings, 2013-2015

    Request for School to School Support for Ross Bowell